Winter is upon us..

I write this draped in a woollen trench coat, a ginger tea on my desk and in the warmth of my airconditioned home. Now that winter has well and truly hit us, we have started to welcome comforting soups, hot chocolates and rich scents into the home. We prefer to stay inside and cook or watch a cult classic with our family. It’s when we start to reach for the chocolate and comfort food that we really know that the winter hibernating season is in our bones. Perhaps we try and supplement these cravings with an equally as delectable candle, satisfying the sweet cravings.

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel is a trend here to stay. If they can make a leaf of lettuce taste like caramel, with a pinch of flaky sea salt- I want it (I’m sure they can, whoever “they” are). It’s the cosy and sensual escape you need when it's crisp and uninviting outside. Our Salted Caramel candle offers the nuttiness of candied pecans, much like the crunch and sweet satisfaction of the easter show nut vendors. These buttery heart notes are complimented by the youthful tonka bean.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla

I don’t know about you but one of my favourite luxuries is running a bubble bath and I mustn’t be disrupted for a minimum of 15 minutes. It must be super hot, rain outside is preferable and so is a glass of pinot. A non-negotiable is a lit candle, it signifies the beginning of what might be a very short-lived period of relaxation, but relaxation none the less. Black Raspberry and Vanilla is the perfect combination of playful fruits and creamy sweetness. No two are overpowering, just enough. They’re like book ends to the perfect collection of notes. This blend is perfectly harmonised with soft musk and seductive florals.

Leather & Oudh

The notion of being indoors has become for some, almost second nature now. There’s very little freedom to explore the outdoors or what the world has to offer at the moment. Instead, we have to practice escapism and look for adventure within. Now I do not have the pleasure of owning a fireplace. However, I will practice my creative writing in suggesting that it may feel something like this when wrapping a home in its warmth. The tenacious scent of cedarwood comfort the space, it is met with the deep aromas of freshly oiled leather sofas and cinnamon infused teas that dominate the room. The Leather and Oudh candle is sophistication in a scent, its masculine but softened by the sparkling first impression of bergamot.