Scents that dreams are made of, that’s all we ask for when it comes to our choice of home fragrances...Especially now we’re spending more time at home (goodbye summer sun, hello short winter days).

If you’re a believer of quotes, sayings & mantras (guilty!), and wish to let your home be a reflection of yourself (for us, this means tidy, sweet-smelling & calm), we suggest starting with your most powerful sense, scent.

On a mission to spark your spirit, ignite your energy and transport you to a place peaceful zen, these are just some of the candle & diffuser fragrance ingredients to look out for this season to help you create magical spaces in your home:

Vetiver - Found in our BERGAMOT & PATCHOULI blend | Inside this hand-crafted scent is a secret ingredient called Vetiver. A magical essence that immediately connects and grounds us, offering an overwhelming feeling of calm and stability. Highly recommended to light this baby up in times of uncertainty, change or at the start of your meditation practice.

Eucalyptus - Found in our AUSTRALIANA fragrance | Close your eyes for a moment, imagine yourself strolling through the stunning Australian outback - blue skies, red sand, hot sun, native trees. Our Australiana candle has been carefully blended with a mix of Australian ingredients like Eucalyptus. As this fragrance makes its way throughout your home and your senses, expect easy-breathing energies and authentic communication to follow.

Jasmine - Found in our BLACK RASPBERRY & VANILLA blend | Creativity, imagination and inspiration is in the air, literally. Thanks to an amalgamation of blackberries, raspberries, creamy vanilla, luscious musk and a hint of jasmine in the middle, this alluring scent awakens your intuition and opens your mind.


Rose - Featured in our CHAMPAGNE STRAWBERRIES fragrance | Straight to the heart, rose scents are much loved for encouraging emotional feelings of compassion, empathy & LOVE to arise. Oozing aromas of freshly picked berries topped with the fizzle of Champagne and petals of a rose. This is one to keep in the bedroom & the family room for 24/7 affection..

PSA your home is guaranteed to smell intoxicatingly amazing from now on!