Welcome back to the world of BOC AND CO. We invite you to take a look into the limited-edition scents that we have carefully created for this season. These fragrances are so delicious that you could eat them, they’re different in their own right but are sweet and addictive. 

The urgency of having to get your hands on these limited-edition candles are well-worth the rush. We have introduced Watermelon to our scent wardrobe, it’s safe to say that we are missing the instant availability and consistency, of having summer fruits at our local grocer. It is reminiscent of laying in the sun, sticky fingers and red stained, white t-shirts. You can’t help but think of Harry Styles, holding up a slice of watermelon covering part of his iconic face in his hit song, “Watermelon Sugar”. Anything Harry Styles related has to be a crowd favourite, how can it not be? Now with that in mind, I ask you to transcend into a world of fragrance and engulf yourself in our Limited Edition- Watermelon (which may or may not smell like Harry Styles wink, wink). It is a delicious blend of sweet, juicy honeydew and grapefruit, the initial elements you smell as soon as you light the wick. The core foundations are of course, watermelon, complimented by hibiscus. These fruity tendencies are softened by vanilla and musk bringing it all back down to earth, they allow the scent to last longer and give volume to the overall olfactory experience. 

Now we have created a hunger in your belly for ripe and scrumptious fruits, you must finish off the entire experience with the Limited Edition- Caramel Popcorn. Now forget fruits, we are fully immersing ourselves in cinema treat days, gigantic frozen cokes, bags of candy and the largest box of caramel popcorn, still warm and the smell is overpowering anything else in the room. Or perhaps we are strolling through a carnival and it perfectly complements spiralized chips on a stick and red and white striped gazebos. Wherever you may try me, I am a dime a dozen, a rare delicacy. The smell is addictive, it dominates the space and your mind. Just like freshly cooked popcorn coated in caramel, so enticing you might want the real thing. The experience evolves with the early introduction of cinnamon and sugarcane, they’re the sugar and spice that make everything nice. The heroes of this limited-edition candle are buttery popcorn, caramel and toffee. All of the scents that remind you of mouth-watering satisfaction. Just like milkshakes from your childhood milk shop on the corner, vanilla and malt tie it all together, the sprinkle of clove gives the candle an air cutting spice that you can enjoy for hours. Now run, don’t walk, these won’t last long- online that is, they both have fifty hours of burn time..