Understanding the origins of the products you love is the perfect way to come home to yourself. Gaining consciousness over where and who you support is becoming more and more prevalent. In a world of fast fashion, unsustainability and over production, BOC AND CO. prides itself on slowing down households and bringing you high quality candles, that are slowly developed and purposely thought about with care.

We are a proud Australian-founded and made, soy candle company. Each candle that ends up lighting your home with joy and comfort is hand poured here in New South Wales. The intentional thought spent on each candle is worthwhile, as each hour spent burning the wick creates magical spaces of tranquillity.

Each candle is the perfect amalgamation of luxurious soy wax, housed in timeless glass vessels. It is perfect for all homes and styles, moods and occasions. Regardless of which scent you gravitate towards each day; the aesthetic remains consistent around the home. Perhaps you reach for citrus or floral in the kitchen, encouraging inspiration and new recipes. However, the lounge room is a place for robust, warming and sweet fragrances. We love that no matter the person, BOC AND CO.  appeals to all. Our scent wardrobe is ever evolving and accommodating for all cravings and personalities.

There’s comfort in knowing that the scents that fill the air of your home are slowly crafted, intentionally created and are supporting a female founded, local, small business. We hope that when you’re searching for your next signature scent for the home, the one that leaves your guests with a lasting impression, that you discover it in our collection. Slow down, rest up and love more. In these tumultuous and uncertain times, we need to prioritise kindness, self-love and genuine connections. We’re spending more time at home than ever and these spaces need to provide us with joy rather than hostility, let us be a part of that journey.