We all know the significance that burning a candle can have on improving our mood. However, whilst not putting much thought into it, up until this point, the psychological effect it has on your mood, is no coincidence. Aromatherapy is much more complexed and scientific, than scents being blended into everyday products such as candles, perfumes and room sprays. The benefits are endless, they’re mood-boosting, soothing and indulgent.

Each scent is a careful amalgamation of aromas that are formulated to destress and bring joy. The LAVENDER, CUCUMBER & SAGE candle is a herbaceous & fresh blend of wild lavender, white lilies, chamomile, violet and bois de rose. Lavender has been used for centuries to improve sleep patterns and create a sense of calm. It’s only natural that cucumber was combined in this formula, surely cucumber slices go hand-in-hand with a day of relaxation, no? It’s no secret that chamomile has a plethora of hidden health benefits. Now whilst we don’t condone consuming BOC AND CO. candles, it’s comforting to know that each scent is carefully created with ultimate relaxation and peace in mind.

Personally, I reach for scents that are uplifting and energising. Once I hit that afternoon slump, rather than reaching for sweets, my body craves a spicy pick-me-up. The CLOVE, ORANGE & CEDARLEAF candle is both spicy & fresh, with hints of cinnamon. Clove is lifted with fir needle, finished with peach, strawberry, patchouli & hyacinth. Orange is a classic mood-lifter, the citrus aroma is perfectly balanced by the spicy unpredictability of clove and cinnamon. Like a mulled wine or an aperol spritz. 

Now when picking your next signature scent for the home, take note of how the last one made you feel, or ask yourself what are you needing? Ignite your senses, it may become your new daily ritual..